Other Titles

Erin's Redemption, Book 1 - BUY HERE
When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.
Erin Holmes is dying. She empties her account and heads to New Orleans. Her plan: one last party before saying good-bye to her friends. After meeting her old college buddies at their hotel, they have a few drinks and take a trip to a cemetery.
Mikael Moreau is a vampire. Inside the cemetery, he smells his Eternal Love—a vampire’s perfect match. Abandoning a territory battle, he spots an unconscious woman. He carries her back to the coven, hoping he can save her life.
Elijah Moreau is angry when he learns that his brother went into battle without him. When he goes to confront the other man, the smell of death hangs in the air. He soon finds out that the woman lying on the bed is Mikael’s Eternal Love. To save Erin, both men must donate their blood to empty hers of disease, which means that Mikael will need to share his Eternal Love with his brother. The three form a blood bond, but is it enough to last an eternity?

* * * *

Finding Sanctuary, Book 2 - BUY HERE
Sophie Miller has lost hope.
She’s on the run from her violent ex-husband with her thirteen year old daughter, Alice. They end up heading to Sanctuary, Montana hoping that her ex won’t be able to find them.
With money tight and feeling uncertain about the future, Sophie turns to the only person in town she knows and trusts… her cousin.
Mason and Alex McLean come from a wealthy family.
When Mason spots Sophie and Alice at the grocery store in town his protective instincts surface. There is just something about the sad woman that calls to him. Becoming her hero is easy, Mason does everything in his power to turn her frown into a smile, even offering her a job at his ranch.
Will Sophie be able to let go of the pain from her past? Will she ever be able to trust and love again, or will her ex-husband run her out of another town?
* * * *

Their Colorado Nights, Book 2 - BUY HERE
Five friends. One basket of sex toys. How to win? Tell the best sex story of all time, and Selena knows that she has a winner!
Selena Easton inherited her great-aunt Hattie’s B and B in Spirit, Colorado. She works hard and knows that she doesn’t have time for one man, let alone two. Her secret fantasy…to experience a ménage, and she really wants it to come true when she meets Sam and Andrew.
Sam and Andrew Johnson are from Spirit, Colorado. They left town years ago to start their own construction business and have come back to visit. Once they see willowy and fit Selena, they know that she’s the one they’ve been waiting for.
After their week vacation, Sam and Andrew need to head back to their business in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What can Selena do to stop them from going back?

* * **
Skin Deep - BUY HERE
Selene Foster and Damon Johnson have been close for years. They are more than friends—they are lovers. The dynamic of their relationship makes them both uncertain, since circumstances have prevented them from truly being together. They both left the West Coast when Selene turned eighteen. She was desperate to achieve her goal as a tattoo artist, and Damon wanted to be near her.
Nicholas Elias is the owner of Olympus, a hotel and casino off the strip in Las Vegas. He has been seeing Selene as a client for over a year. They flirt, they touch, and he hopes that they can have more. He invites both Selene and Damon to a members-only club where BDSM and ménage are welcome.
The three of them start a journey of exploration to see if three unlikely people can end up having a happily ever after.