Thursday, October 3, 2013

His Little Wolf

This book will be available on Saturday, November 2nd. 

Thomas Barre is a polar bear shifter that is prepared for whatever fate throws his way. But, he never expected a little wolf named Braxton, since he’s never been attracted to men before.

Braxton Johnson has kept his sexuality a secret his whole life, afraid of losing his pack and family. One night he opens up and tells his friends, Emily and Harper. That same night, he meets Emily’s brother, Thomas.

Thomas doesn’t know what to do. He’s never wanted another man so badly in his life. Afraid to make a move, he packs up, ready to leave North Ridge and Braxton behind. Fate intervenes in the form of pack Alpha, Gabe Wolff. The man takes Thomas to a little cabin, outside of town. Once there, he isn’t alone for long. Braxton shows up and everything changes as the two men meet again. Will the cabin become their love shack?