Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hello Friends!

Things are changing in my life. I applied to a college here in my area to get a higher education, I'm moving, and life had been a bit of a roller coaster.

Convincing Emily is complete and was submitted to Siren Publishing on 4/30/13. This will be the 2nd book in the Wolff Pack series. At first, I thought this book would be apart of the Novikov Clan since Emily is a polar shifter, but this trio spends most of their time in North Ridge, MN with the wolves. The men in this book are from the Wolff Pack and made an appearance in 'His Mating Mark', Cole & Charlie.

Rough Draft BLURB:

Emily Barre is a polar bear shifter living with her clan in Alaska. She’s been dreaming about her happily ever after since she was a cub in the form of a big, strong male bear. Unfortunately, none of the men in her clan fit the bill.

Cole and Charlie Ward are in Alaska on a mission for their Alpha, Gabe Wolff.  They both are caught off guard by an enticing scent…their mate. They want her immediately, but Emily runs.

Can a skittish bear fall for two wolves? Can Emily get over her past?

Character Inspiration: 
My readers know that I love to share pictures that inspire my characters. Meet Emily Barre and identical twin, Cole and Charlie Ward